Pisac, in the beautiful Sacred Valley of Peru, is a community famous for its immense local market, full of intricate handicrafts, woven alpaca textiles, and silver jewelry of all shapes and sizes. It is equally well-known for its Incan ruins, which sit atop a hill at the entrance to the valley. The ruins are constructed at the peak of stunning agricultural terraces on the steep hillside, which are still in use today. The narrow rows of terraces are believed to represent the wing of a partridge (pisaca in Spanish), from which the village and the ruins both get their name.  We visited on a hot day and hiked to the top, testing the strength of our lungs at the high elevation.

Below you will find a little something we dug out from the recycling bins behind the productions offices of House Hunters International. It is a shame they never chose to proceed with this episode.  This rare lost episode of the popular series almost never aired, until we rescued it from obscurity for your viewing pleasure.  (Warning:  Apparently, this is still a rough cut so sound and images are below accepted broadcast standards.)