Take a break from election news and consider this:  Many men in China have an unfortunate habit of not standing close enough to the urinal.  As a result, the government has launched a campaign called “Step Forward For Civilization” and you will find these signs above many urinals.  The overall feel you are left with is wanting to dip the soles of your shoes in Purell after standing at one of these urinals.Now on to titular video for this post.  Please click below to see the raw unedited footage of a bathroom we discovered outside Xi’an.  (Warning:  This video is not for the faint of heart and should not be watched by women who are or may be pregnant, unaccompanied minors, individuals susceptible to nausea, and anyone who is prone to nightmares and/or bedwetting.)Is this truly the world’s most disgusting bathroom?  God, we hope so, but we have many months left to travel.  You be the judge.