Behold the price of gas in Thailand.  Here’s today’s assignment:  Tell us the cost for a gallon of gas in Thailand in US dollars.  Keep in mind, the prices you are looking at are for a liter.  Use your currency convertor to find out how many Thai Baht you get for a US dollar.  Then use the well-worn formula for converting liters to gallons.  This is just one of the many ways we use our math skills (and our calculator apps) on a constant basis on the road.  Is gas in Thailand more or less than where you live?

Note:  We usually fill up with 91 octane at home, but when we’re on the road and driving a rental car we tend to put in the cheaper gas — which is 32.78 per liter.  (Is that somehow wrong?)  Be careful you don’t fill up with the top one — that’s the price of diesel.