On our first day in India, we climbed aboard a couple rickshaws to explore the narrow crowed streets of Old Delhi.  We had been offered many rickshaw rides all over Asia and had always refused them, thinking they were either a waste of money or “that’s what tourists do” (though we are tourists of course, we never like to think of ourselves that way).  But on this day we succumbed.  And what a delightful way to experience this crowded marketplace!  We rode along undisturbed by the scores of sellers hawking their wares.  The rickshaw ride also gave us the opportunity to fire off 257 snapshots of the experience, strung together below.  We’ve married these images to Bob Dylan’s musings about the inextricable link between adventure and danger (cribbed from his awesome all-too-short-lived Theme Time Radio Hour).  As we have learned from our travels, if you live in fear of danger, you rob yourself of the opportunity for true adventure.  But Bob says it even better.