We could have flown from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh.  The flight is less than an hour, but by the time you get to the airport, check in, wait, fly, land, collect your luggage, go through immigrations, customs, it’s much more than an hour.  And we’d already flown 27 times.  Besides the flight would have cost our family $758, while the bus ride was just $76 total for the four of us.  We hadn’t done any long bus trips yet, so there was some masochistic part of us that wanted to subject ourselves to the discomfort of sitting on a crowded bus for half a day — to know what that feels like.  The very best part, of course, is that you actually get to see the countries — the chaos of Saigon transitioning to rice fields, walking across boarders instead of flying over them, and the lush, very wet, tropical terrain of rural Cambodia.  Take two and a half minutes and join us on our six hour bus ride.Franny says “A window on a bus is the best philosophy class in the world.”  And she’s right.  It gives you time to just stare out at the world and contemplate everything about your life.  But she emphasizes “You must have the seat next to the window.”