Today we lost a great friend who died way, way too young.  Now we are slammed with the peculiar pain of anticipated heartbreak.  We knew all too well that Kelly was sick, that she was down to her final months, weeks, and recently days.  We had mourned for her many times in anticipation of losing her.  We had already cried in the shower in the mornings when we thought of her and the absolute undiscerning cruelty of cancer.  When we learned this morning that the “inevitable” really was inevitable — in spite of all of our private hopes for one more miracle — we didn’t cry right away.  We thought maybe we had spent all our tears.  But we were wrong.As we sit to write these words about one of the most remarkable people we ever had the pleasure to meet — and know, and live with, and call family — we are ridiculously sad.  Preparation, in spite of our best efforts, can never truly prepare one for this extreme a loss.  Kelly was, in a single word, awesome.  The way she stared down death was a Master’s Class in how to live.  Kelly was strong, funny, self-deprecating, fierce — Australia’s finest traits in one package — and she made everyone around her into their best selves while they were with her.  She had a massive influence on Franny and Finn who were essentially raised by her for the better part of two years while we were on a set or in an editing room.  But we never worried once about our children knowing they were in better and firmer hands than ours.  With Kelly at their side, Finn learned to proudly eat vegetables and actually  like them, Franny learned how to bounce back from everyday adversity, and we all learned how to laugh loudly and have fun — even on days that there was no good reason for laughter or fun at all.  Tonight, we can think of absolutely no good reason to laugh or have fun.  But we will go out and do both those things because that is Kelly’s legacy.We had always planned to see Kelly in September even before we knew the cancer had returned.  But we were blessed with the opportunity to share a few days with her and fly in a hot air balloon and laugh with her and taste kangaroo together and get to know her remarkable parents Terri and Bruce even better.  During those days, we made a short film titled “She Just Breathes” about the most inspiring person we know.  We love you, Kelly.  To us, you still breathe and always will.