Watch our family chase the myth of the “Perfect Moment” deep into the Sahara Desert.What we actually discovered out there was the meaning of “irony.”  Once we arrived at our overnight camp in the desert, and darkness forced our cameras to stop rolling, the ephemeral “Perfect Moment” was quickly shaken off.  It was replaced by what might have been one of the hardest nights of the trip.  The pitch black camp, which could accomodate up to 100 guests, had only five that night.  It was us and a freaky Brazilian man who insisted on being enigmatic and stand-offish, talking in frustrating riddles.  Our “guides” hid in the kitchen for hours, preparing a bland dinner while we shivered in the darkness without a campfire, just a couple clicks from the Algerian border.  The tent was bitter cold and and five layers of blankets were barely enough to defend against the frigid night.  We groped our way to the bathroom in the dark, brushed our teeth, and forced ourselves to sleep, hoping for the dawn to come quickly.  The next morning, we woke up before the sun and rode our camels back — but the Perfect Moment, by this point, was only a memory.  Thankfully, a memory we had captured.