Seven subways.   Seven cities around the world.  Submit your guesses below.  The clock’s ticking.  First one who gets them all right wins.  Guess as many times as you like.  Even wild stabs are appreciated.  Whoever is closest by midnight on May 27th (Pacific Standard Time) takes the crown.  Helpful hints:  Listen carefully to the loudspeaker for clues — and you might want to cross-reference our itinerary (all these cities appear on that list somewhere).UPDATE:  Put down your pencils, stop replaying the video over and over again, we have a winner — or in this case, two winners:  Erin and Carol from Berlin have nailed ALL SEVEN SUBWAYS, seemingly without breaking a sweat.  Congratulations!  It should be noted that these two are longtime State Department employees who have lived all over the world and speak many languages.  They are tough competition.  Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, a special shout-out should be given to Maria, who is an entertainment executive and to our knowledge has not lived all over the world.  Maria had an impressive five out of seven on what we thought was an extraordinarily difficult challenge.  Thanks for playing, one and all.  Click below to see the answers: