What kind of family would abandon their lives to discover the world?  Well, it turns out that at any given moment, there are actually hundreds of families doing just that.  We hear occasional stories about other families that are out on the road — and early in our journey, we would glance at other blogs to see if our paths might intersect with any of these like-minded wanderers.  Then, while we were in Paris, a chance conversation with an old colleague led us to another family named the Kessels, who are also traveling the world this year.  It just so happened that for one day, our itineraries overlapped and we got together, singing the praises of packing cubes, comparing strategies for getting around airline carry-on allotments, and talking about our shared trepidation for reacclimatizing to “normal life.”  Every family traveling the world is different, but it turns out, not that different.If you want to learn more about the journey of the Kessel-Bushnells, you can find their blog @ www.kesseltravels.blogspot.com.