We’ve lived high, we’ve lived low.   We’ve slept in castles, on wooden floors, in guest rooms, on trains, in tents, and on houseboats.  But this was the first dorm room we ever slept in.  And because we happened to show up between terms, we had the entire four building complex all to ourselves.  The place could have made a great setting for  a Shining-esque horror movie.  Instead, it turned out to be the ideal location for our four day family adventure in Rome.How did we find this place you ask?  Two years ago, our good friend Victor married our good friend Anna and we attended the most fabulous wedding we’ve ever experienced in the garden of this architecture school in the heart of the Trastavere neighborhood of Rome (and, of course, we made a short film about it).  Anna’s parents Romolo and Helena run an architecture program here for American students abroad.  For the weekend of Victor and Anna’s wedding, the place was dubbed Rome Camp and many guests of the wedding stayed in the dorms, but we had a nearby apartment.  This time, we bunked right here and lived happily like a family of college students.