Our friend Lance in Los Angeles basically knows more about pizza than anybody we’ve ever met.  As a matter of fact, he is a respected writer for the seminal pizza blog Slice — the first and last word in pizza on the net — where they do things like fly Lance to New York and have him sample fifteen different pizzas in two days and he gets paid for this.  So as we landed in Italy, we shot Lance an email and asked simply “Where should we go to find the best pizza?”  The answer came back within seconds:  “Da Michele in Naples.”  As he tapped the words into his smartphone, his mouth watered with envy because he in fact has not yet made the pilgrimage to Da Michele.  So we went as his advance team to check out what makes this simple, saucy, purists’ pizza so legendary around the world.  Lance, this one’s for you.It’s worth mentioning:  The pizza is ridiculously delicious. Thin crispy crust, flavorful generous marinara, the perfect amount of mozzarella in bubbling white dollops, and fresh sprigs of basil.  They make it seem so simple — but if was really all that easy, people wouldn’t be traveling across the planet just to eat here.