As the saying goes, they must come to an end… eventually.  With severely mixed emotions, we are fast approaching the end of our life-changing, mind-expanding, family-enriching Year To Think.  Part of us could go on exploring and making short films about our adventures forever, but in about a month’s time, we will return to our home, and our friends, and our schools, and our careers making films longer than three minutes, and we will wrap up A Year To Think.  But hey, we needn’t dwell on that today, do we?  We still have about four more weeks to go and so much ground to cover.  In the weeks ahead, we’ll be posting about a variety of topics that many of you have requested — such as “How We Pack,” “Our Favorite Cities,” “How We Spend,” “The Movies We Never Made,” “The Things We’ve Learned” and an attempt to answer the potentially unanswerable “What It All Means” (lower your expectations on that one, we’re still trying to figure it all out).So what would you still like to know about a family taking a year off to discover the world?  As we enter the home stretch, we’re officially taking requests.  If you have nagging questions you’d like answered or travel mysteries you’d like solved, please add them to the comments below as we prepare for the thrilling (albeit bittersweet) conclusion of A Year To Think.