Don’t you just love it after reading a story when you’re given the chance to catch up with the characters and learn what’s become of them?We’re only one month removed from the trip, but life in Los Angeles is surprisingly lovely.  We use the word “surprising” because we were pretty much dreading our return.  We were so happy on the road, we never wanted our journey to be over.  It turns out that sometimes the greatest gift you can give yourself is low expectations.  Here, we have been happily reminded what great friends we have, how nice it is to live with closets instead of suitcases, and — aided by a little time and perspective — Hollywood seems like a fun place to return back to work.  (Another great thing about Los Angeles is how many talented people surround us, like our friend Tim Olyphant who lent us his voice for this film, and our friend Jacob Ehrlich who made words magically float in the sky).  Our whole family has changed in ways we are discovering each day and we will probably be discovering for years.  In the meantime, we will stay in touch.  Not as close as before, but when you least suspect it, an email will appear in your inbox and it will be us shouting hello and and sharing a little something we’ve discovered along the road of life.