Listen, don’t get us wrong.  We love getting the opportunity to visit the sites of natural disasters and being inspired by the people who live there, and we love learning about Maori culture first hand.  But every now and then, we also just enjoy having a little old-fashioned fun.  So in Queenstown, in the space of a single day, we hurtled down a steep mountain on luges, we rode a hundred year-old steamship across gorgeous Lake Wakatipu, and we hiked through some of the most breathtaking scenery you could possibly imagine (some of which were actual locations from the Lord Of The Rings).  Oh, and we also gave Finn his first editing lesson.  The kid might have fallen a little bit in love with Final Cut’s “scrapbook” plug-in — but he also really captured the magic of this awesome early Spring day on the south island of New Zealand.  Enjoy!  (Music by Belle & Sebastian by way of Lennon & McCartney.)