When the road is your home, the restaurants of the world end up being your kitchen.  Eating only in restaurants actually grows quite tiresome after a while.  On our first night in Bilbao, we arrived late and the owner of the apartment we were renting pointed us to a neighborhood joint that he loves.  At the next table sat an elderly couple from Geneva.  We struck up a conversation.  “How long have you been in Bilbao?” we asked.  “Three days,” the wife replied.  “Where else have you eaten?” we asked.  “Only here,” she answered.  Her explanation was succinct.  “The food is quite delicious here, the people are friendly, so all  three nights we said let’s go again.”  At the time, this sounded odd.  Four days later, we understood exactly what she meant.(The restaurant is named Artxanda.  Click here for a link to it on TripAdvisor.  You will notice there are only three reviews and the third one is ours.)