Wandering the globe, we’ve discovered unlikely artists creating perfect cups of coffee in Kyoto, and devoted masters fabricating papier-mâché puppets in Barcelona.  For the third installment in our series, we present “An Artisan In Marrakech.”  A few years ago, a couple American expatriates named Sam and Caitlin arrived in Morocco and found that there were legions of talented artisans all turning out basically the same stuff they’d made in these parts for generations.  The young couple smartly asked themselves:  What if these same artisans applied their talents to more contemporary designs?  We had the good fortune to meet Sam and Caitlan (another friend of a friend connection) and peek behind the curtain of their shop to watch a true artisan at work.(If you want to see more of their incredible work, click here to see everything Popham Design makes.  We think these guys have some of the best taste on the planet.)