We spent a fair amount of time in Morocco trying to wrap our heads around this question.  At first, we understood a kasbah to be another word for “fortress,” and in some ways that’s true.  But often entire towns are considered kasbahs and sometimes just a single building is.  Every Moroccan village has a kasbah where either the ruling sheik or king once lived, providing a high vantage point to watch for approaching and unwanted guests.  Generally, they look like mud castles, coming in many shapes and sizes, with walls made of layered dirt and stone, with high walls and very few windows.  On a quiet afternoon in the Dades Valley, we stopped to check out the world-renown Kasbah Aït Ben Haddou, where Finn strolled around investigating the place.  Join him on his journey, and listen as the kid recites selected TripAdvisor reviews from this most visited kasbah on the planet.